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                                                      Madawaska Lake

                  T16 R4 and Westmanland Twps. Aroostook County

                  U.S.C.S. Stockholm, Maine [7 ½’] 

                 Landlocked salmon                               Longnose sucker

                 Brook trout                                             White sucker

                 Rainbow smelt                                       Hornpout  [bullhead ]

                 Yellow perch                                          Burbot  [cusk ]

                 Minnows                                                 Threespine stickleback

                 Lake chub                                                Pumpkinseed sunfish

                 Blacknose dace                                       American eel

                 Connon shiner                                         Slimy sculpin

                 Creek chub

                 BROOK TROUT  ( RESTOCKED FALL 2011) 


                                            Physical Characteristics

                Area – 1526 acres                                    Temperatures

                      Upper Lake                                            Surface – 71’ F

            Maximum depth – 38 feet                             38 feet -   57. F

                        Lower Lake                                            Surgace -71’ F

             Maximum depth – 32 feet                              32 feet -  56’F


                           Principal fishery; Landlocked salmon, Brook trout


       Madawaska Lake supports a sport fishery for landlocked salmon and brook trout of local significance. Smelts and sticklebacks provide the main forags base for salmon and trout.

       Spawning and nursery areas for trout and salmon in Carry and McCluskey Brooks are considered very good. Salmon spawning and nusery areas are present in the outlet stream. A low head dam, equipped with a fishway-spillway, is located on the outlet of Madawaska Lake.

       Madawaska Lake is considered borderline habitat for coldwater fishes. Temperature and oxygen leves suitable for coldwater fish exist between the 15- and 30-foot depths in the upper Lake in late summer, and between 15 and 20feet in the Lower Lake. The deepest water in both lakes is low in dissolved oxygen during the late summer months.

      Madawaska Lake has recently experienced intensive algae blooms  and high phoporus levels in the lake. Because of the recreational significance of  the lake and sport fishery resource, this situation is being addressed through cooperative Maine Department of Environmental Protection and private group efforts, Water quality enhancement projects are being implemented throughout the drainage to help control and correct the problem.

     Coarse fished such as yellow perch, suckers and minnow species limit salmon and trout production in Madawaska Lake by direct completion fro food and space.

     Madawaska Lake is considered heavily developed with bot seasonal camp and year-residences. Apublic boat landing is located on the north end of the lake off Rout 161.

Surveyed – August 1954

[Revised – 1963, 1990

Maine Departmant of Inland Risheries and Wildlife

Funded in part by federal Aid in Rish Restoration Act under Federal Project F-28-p