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                                                                                MADAWASKA LAKE
                                                                   AROOSTOOK COUNTY - MAINE


Madawaska Lake is a 1,564 acre, dual true basin water body [ upper north basin 1 = 1,054 surface acres and lower south basin 2 = 510 surface acres located in Westmanland in Aroostook County, Maine both basins are fairly shallow with maximum depths of 38 feet and mean depths of 16 feet Drainage System - Johnson Brook and the Cary Pond-brook and Black Brook complex drain into the upper [northern] lake basin, while a low-head dam, equipped with a fishway-spillway,exists on the outlet of the lower [southern] lake basin. The outlet is directly east of the confluence of Mc Cluskey Brook and feeds into Little Madawaska River, which eventually drains into the Aroostook in the vicinity of Caribou. A public boat launch is located on the north end of the upper basin off of Route 161, the major thoroughfare between Caribou and Fort Kent in northern Maine. The major use of Madawaska Lake is recreational, which includes boating, fishing, and beach/residential use. There are two heavily used privately owned picnic/beach areas situated on the shores of Madawaska Lake.

Human Development- Madawaska Lake is highly developed, with .both seasonal camps and year round residences. Based on early-1990s statistice, there are 312 lots, 217 on the northern basin and 95 on the southern basin, while a total population of approximately 57,600 people reside within a 50 km radiuw of the lake.